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Style Profile - Pear - Decorative Arts Student - Bangkok

Pear is 22 year old student from Bangkok’s northern suburb of Nonthaburi. Majoring in Fashion Design at Silpakorn Univerity’s Decorative Arts course, Pear keeps a close eye on the diversity of both International and Japanese fashion. Inspired by the openness of Japanese youth to express themselves, Pear is excited to see how this is influencing her Thai contemporaries and causing a new wave of self expression via cultural connection amongst her peers.

SSPE caught up with Pear in Bangkok’s Chinatown to chat about style, fashion, Thai youth culture and her plans for the future.

Pear: Youth Culture & Street Style in Bangkok, Thailand

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is mix and match. I can't say it's one particular thing, I enjoy mixing all kinds of styles to create something different.

Do you remember when you first became interested in style?

I have been interested in dressing up since I was young and always enjoy the quest to discover new and exciting items that I can work into my personal style.

Since experimenting and developing your personal style, how have you seen the generations of Bangkok youth around you interact with style?

Nowadays, there are more fashion clothes shops for teenagers to follow the current trends. When I was younger there was no so many option. Like many around me, I would search the second hand & vintage markets to create and compose a look I liked. You can go straight to a shop now and buy into a variety of alternative looks.

In my opinion, fashion is something reusable. If you look closely, there is always a loop connecting older styles to new ones that are being reinterpreted in different ways. It's the way that people approach the reinterpretation that keeps fashion exciting. Personally, I like to wear second-hand clothes because of the charm and contentment in discovering a great item which most likely no one else has. Reinterpreting the styles of the past is something I enjoy, along with the low price.

Pear (left) mixes and matches with her friend Abiko who is also featured talking about Thai youth culture on SSPE

Where else do you look for your style inspiration, and is there anyone else that has influenced or inspired your approach to the way you dress?

In the past, my dressing influences often came from my group of friends. But when I started studying fashion, I became more open to seeing that everyone has a personal sense of style. These small nuances based on personal preference and suitability are the small details I like to pick up on.

I always keep my eyes open and am interested to see how passers by in the street dress, although I don't like to look too close for fear of upsetting anyone so Instagram is a great way to see street style and trends.

Have you tried making or customising your own clothes?

I'm often cutting fabric and designing clothes for me or my friends as it's part if my University course. I really like it as I can produce tailored items that fit our size really well. Producing items your own way and seeing your final creation is satisfying, its great to experiment so that things turn out in a unique way - unlike anything "off the peg". I used to second hand clothes and bags to customise and sell but I ended up wanting to keep everything myself !

Do you keep an eye on the youth fashion scenes of any other Asian or International countries?

I keep in touch with what's going on in Japan because it's home to such a wide variety of trends and styles. So much fashion originates there. Japan is country where people really dare to express themselves. This willingness to reveal your character through fashion and style is something that has been adopted by many friends and young Thai's and is now starting to show cross the divide from street fashion to production design amongst young Thai designers and fashion brands. It's a really exciting time for Thai fashion.

Have you ever had chance to experience Thailand's Elle Fashion Week?

The first time I went to watch Elle Fashion Week, I was so excited about the shows. I was really spellbound by the atmosphere. Young designers in Thailand have so much energy and creativity, it would be great to see more ways to enable new and young Thai brands to take place and show the diversity of talent in our country.

Do you have any secret or favourite places to find clothes in Bangkok?

Second hand markets are everywhere: Wanglang, Nokhook Market, Saitaimai Market ,JJ (Chatuchak) Market

Any favourite Thai brands or designers?

So many brands interest me because I think all style of fashion is unique. The Thai brands that inspire me are Dry Clean Only BKK, Wonder Anatomie, Everyday kmkm, Pila Studio amongst others.

Favourite International designers or brands?

Vivienne Westwood, MM6, Maison Magiela, Craig Green, Sacai, Y/Project, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons amongst many others

Climate concern was big news in 2019 - How do you think this will affect the fashion industry?

The weather in Thailand has been very dusty since the start of the year. People started to wear health masks a lot. Since the global pandemic of Covid-19, mask use has become normal and people are making their own and customing. A few major brands have produced face masks in the past but now I think the face mask will become an integral part of many peoples fashion wardrobe.

Aside from style and fashion, what are your other interests?

I really love listening to music. I don't listen to one genre in particular. I love all kinds of music!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time in Bangkok?

Some of my favourite places for relaxing and inspiration are:

JJ Market (Chatuchak)

Nokhook Market


Wanglang Market

Taopiphop Bar

Hopes and dreams for the year ahead?

My dream in 2020 is to finish my University projects, which have become tricky because of Covid-19 related closures. I hope to pass with a high mark so that I can pursue my dream of working in fashion or textile design.

All photos by Al de Perez for Street Style Planet Earth

Shot on location in Old Town, Bangkok

Words & Photos by Al de Perez

Pear's Instagram

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